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The Motorola DP2400E Two Way Radio

Two-way radios are powerful tools for keeping your teams connected. However, maximizing signal, range, and performance requires the right antennas, programming, and safety considerations.

The Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO DP2400e digital two way radio offers scalable communication to fit your needs. Features like Intelligent Audio and voice announcement help your team keep in touch, even in harsh or noisy work environments.

Exceptional Audio Clarity

The DP2400e is a simple digital two way radio with exceptional audio clarity. It is designed to improve staff communications with instant push-to-talk. The radio also allows for a number of privacy options and remote activation in the event of a non-responsive employee, helping to keep your staff safe. A range of specialised models are available for use in hazardous environments including flammable and explosive environments (Hazloc).

It is fully compatible with legacy analogue technology, TWO-WAY RADIO DP2400e so you can make the switch to digital at your own pace. Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO DMR standards compliant, this next generation radio offers systems support, loud, clear audio and cost-effective connectivity for your business.

With up to 28 hrs of battery life, the DP2400e will ensure your teams stay connected throughout their shift. It can also be used with the optional IMPRES Over-the-Air Battery Management tool to help maximise your battery lifetime.

The DP2400e has a Ingress Protection rating of IP67 meaning it is dust proof and water resistant, this helps to protect the radio from harsh working conditions. It is able to be operated in a variety of temperatures and humidity levels which makes it the perfect choice for any work environment. This model can be customised with the ability to add voice announcement to alert your team of any changes in settings such as switching on/off features or changing channel numbers.

Enhanced Battery Life

The DP2400e is a licenced two way radio and operates on the 400 — 470MHz frequency band, it is designed to be used in both digital and analogue mode making it a perfect fit for all types of organisations. This MOTOTRBO radio comes with a long lasting lithium ion battery, 16 channels and crystal clear audio. It has been engineered to withstand the harshest of working conditions and can operate in both UHF and VHF.

It is designed to improve safety within organisations, with the rapid response capability of push-to-talk communications. You can remotely activate a radio to check status even if the user is unresponsive and enhanced privacy options prevent others from listening in and the ability to disable radios that have been misplaced or stolen. The DP2400e is also available in an UL Intrinsically Safe variant, which makes it ideal for use in environments where flammable or explosive materials are present.

To get the most out of your two way radios, it is important to do regular maintenance. Ensuring that the charging port is kept free of debris, regularly wiped down and keeping the antenna in good condition can increase the longevity of your technology. You should also replace the battery on a regular basis to ensure that it has an adequate lifespan, or when you notice that it is starting to fade and impacting performance.

Analogue/Digital Hybrid

The DP2400e Motorola digital two way radio is a great choice for those wanting to make the switch from analogue to digital at their own pace. This model is analogue interoperable so it can work alongside your existing analogue radios and features a 16 channel capacity to suit small to medium sized teams. Enhanced battery life, security options and intelligent audio features help your team work efficiently in tough working conditions.

Digital technology increases your call capacity and saves ongoing costs over TWO-WAY RADIO DP2400e analogue. It delivers 40% longer battery life for increased productivity and allows your organisation to double your number of users for the same cost as a single analogue frequency licence.

Security features on this Motorola two way radio include privacy options to prevent others listening in on your communications and the ability to remotely disable a misplaced or stolen radio. This is an important feature for those working in high risk environments such as construction or a busy public space like a stadium, shopping centre or hospital.

Transmit interrupt is a useful function that alerts all radios within your network to a critical message by briefly stopping ongoing conversations. This is commonly used in emergency situations or to provide new instructions to staff, but can be restricted to specific radios if necessary. This helps reduce the potential for radios to be abused by members of staff and minimizes disruption to your workforce.

Easy to Operate

The DP2400e is easy to use and offers many functions that make it a very user friendly radio. This is especially true for users who need to communicate in loud work environments where communication can be a challenge. A great example of this is the channel scanning feature which allows the radio to listen for transmissions on multiple channels at once and, when a transmission is detected, will pause the scan so that you can respond and then continue with the scanning cycle.

In addition to the simple operation of a Motorola DP2400e, there are also several features that enhance worker safety in the field. This includes the instant response capability of push-to-talk communications, which can even be remotely activated to check if your worker is safe. This series of radios also comes with privacy options that prevent others from listening in and the ability to remotely disable misplaced or stolen radios. In addition, the new DP2400e series has improved noise cancellation technology and enhanced quality that makes communication clearly intelligible.

The Motorola Solutions DP2400e digital two way radio is an ideal choice for businesses of any size that need effective, scalable communication systems. These radios are analogue interoperable, allowing you to gradually migrate from analogue to digital at your own pace and they are available in both UHF and VHF frequency bands.