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Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO DP2400e TWO-WAY RADIO

The Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO DP2400e digital two way radio is sturdily built and lightweight to carry. It connects workers for efficient communication and enhanced safety at the push of a button. This next generation device offers systems support and loud clear audio.

It also offers new lone worker safety features, privacy options and remote disable if lost or stolen. A new receiver boosts range by 8% providing increased coverage and clarity.

IP67 rated for water and dust protection

The Motorola DP2400e is an ideal two-way radio for oil rig workers who require reliable, long-range communication. It provides a range of advanced security and safety features to help ensure that workers stay connected on site without compromising their own safety.

The DP2400e offers a number of audio performance enhancements to provide clear communication even in noisy environments. Its Enhanced Audio Performance feature automatically adjusts the radio volume to compensate for background noise, making it easy for users to hear their colleagues over large distances. Additionally, the radio has a built-in emergency button that can be programmed to alert a supervisor or dispatcher of an incident.

Another feature of the DP2400e is its Voice Announcement functionality, which announces the status of key radio TWO-WAY RADIO DP2400e functions such as power on/off and channel selection. Users can also program the radio to transmit an audio file of their choice, which allows them to personalise their communications.

In addition, the DP2400e can be used in either digital or analogue mode. This means that businesses can enjoy all the benefits of digital technology such as better voice quality and longer battery life while maintaining compatibility with existing analogue equipment. This makes it easier to migrate to digital at a pace that suits them.

Lone Worker Safety Monitoring

Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO DP2400e digital two way radios are designed to meet your communications needs today, and grow with you in the future. This scalable solution offers both analogue and digital capability with best-in-class audio in a rugged, compact radio. Whether you need to connect to your organisation’s existing digital system or migrate to a new system, DP2400e radios are the perfect choice for any application.

The DP2400e features Motorola’s Lone Worker Safety Monitoring feature. This feature allows employees to communicate with a control room so that as soon as a member of staff is not active on the radio they can be immediately alerted and sent to the emergency services for assistance.

Additionally, the radio features Teldio’s Man Down Notifier (MDN). MDN works non-intrusively to detect any absence of movement or tilt beyond a pre-configured parameter, triggering a notification to be dispatched to the response team containing the location of the distressed user.

The DP2400e also has an IP67 Ingres protection rating meaning that it is able to withstand dust and water intrusion as well as being able to be submerged in water for short periods of time. It also has a battery life of up to 28 hours along with IMPRES Over-the-Air Battery Management tools to help maximise your battery lifetime. This DP2400e is also available in a UL Intrinsically Safe version for use in areas that require UL certified devices such as people working around petrol pumps.

IMPRES Over-the-Air Battery Management

Whether you’re a steward ensuring crowd safety in a stadium or a fire-fighter battling a blaze, your two way radio communications will only perform as well as the battery that powers it. Without IMPRES energy management, batteries can need constant recharging, stop working in critical moments or even damage your radio.

IMPRES technology is built into every battery, allowing for precise monitoring of key battery health and usage data. This information is then communicated to the radio through a unique IMPRES charging profile that optimises battery usable life and maximises return on investment. As the IMPRES battery ages, the charging profile automatically adjusts to reduce battery degradation and extend lifespan.

For administrators, IMPRES battery fleet management software remotely downloads key battery and charger data through existing IMPRES chargers and CIUs for easy visibility into battery and charging performance. Using pre-defined or customisable reports, administrators can see a battery fleet status snapshot in seconds and evaluate whether batteries are meeting their performance criteria or nearing end of life. This helps to eliminate wasted purchases of new batteries or under-performing spares and ultimately save overall battery investment costs.

IMPRES compatible radios and batteries are designed, tested and certified to work together for optimal performance with MOTOTRBO systems. They deliver better voice quality and range, especially in loud workplaces. Plus, IMPRES audio features such as Voice Announcement (harsh environment) and INC RSM can help you be heard clearly in windy or noisy environments.

16-channel capacity

Motorola’s DP2400e provides 16 channels of TDMA digital radio capacity for your organisation, giving you greater voice communication coverage than traditional analogue two-way radios. The DP2400e has built in Intelligent Audio which allows the radio volume to automatically adjust to compensate for background noise, ensuring that you can be heard in harsh environments such as factories or construction sites.

Many applications are available for the DP2400e including call logging, dispatch solutions, telemetry and TWO-WAY RADIO DP2400e security features. These help to simplify, improve or optimise your operations and increase efficiency allowing your team to work safer and smarter.

The DP2400e is also ETSI DMR Standard compliant and supports MOTOTRBO features like multi-site trunking, advanced control centre integration and more. This delivers significant productivity gains and business efficiencies to organisations of any size.

Designed for the everyday worker, this MOTOTRBO digital hand portable radio offers a simple and cost effective solution for your organisation to make the switch to digital at their own pace. With systems support, loud, clear audio and premium Motorola features, the DP2400e will keep your team connected, safe and productive.