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motorola slr8000

The Motorola SLR8000 MOTOTRBO Repeater VHF

The Motorola Solutions SLR 8000 repeater series is one of the most versatile hubs available on the market. It works at a maximum power of 100W transmission, yet its efficient modular design only requires 2U of rack space. It also offers an internal preselector amplifier, antenna relay module, an integral wireline card and 4 wire audio for a true one-box installation.


The Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO SLR8000 repeater is a powerful and versatile communication hub that offers seamless integration of voice and data communications. It features a large number of innovative technologies, making it easy to use and cost-effective. This system is a great choice for businesses that need to communicate with multiple departments or sites. Its digital voice capabilities ensure that users can hear each other clearly and crisply over long distances. It also includes an advanced GPS system that allows operators to track the location of employees and vehicles.

The SLR8000 MOTOTRBO repeater provides round-the-clock reliable operation even at full transmit power of 100W, and its next-generation receiver design delivers high sensitivity and improved noise blocking. This feature makes it one of the most efficient repeaters in its class. It also has a modular design that can be easily expanded, so it’s perfect for use in any environment.

This powerful repeater can support the entire MOTOTRBO suite motorola slr8000 of systems, from single site conventional to Connect Plus and Capacity Max. It also supports analogue conventional, MPT 1327 trunking and 4 wire audio. It can be installed as a standalone unit or as a stacked cabinet. It has the flexibility to be configured with an internal preselector amplifier, antenna relay module, integral wireline card and additional external inputs. It can also be upgraded with a future proofed modem to take advantage of new capabilities.


The Motorola SLR8000 MOTOTRBO Repeater VHF is a high-performance repeater that delivers reliable communication across large areas. Its advanced features and modular design make it a perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. It also provides an excellent return on investment, as it increases efficiency and improves productivity. However, to maximize its reliability, it is important to have professional installation and maintenance by experienced technicians. This will ensure that the system is installed properly and meets all applicable regulations.

Motorola Solutions’ MOTOTRBO system is the next generation of two-way radio technology, optimized for your workplace. It integrates voice and data seamlessly, offers advanced features that are easy to use, and provides increased capacity for all your communications needs from the field to the factory floor.

Among the most innovative features of this product is its digital voice capability, which eliminates interference and static. The SLR8000 also has an advanced GPS system, which enables operators to track the location of vehicles and personnel. Additionally, the repeater has a powerful audio system that is designed to minimize background noise and deliver clear, crisp communication.

The Motorola SLR8000 is one of the most cost-effective Motorola Solutions hubs available for two-way radio connectivity, making it a great option for businesses that need to keep their costs down. This device is also highly durable, and can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions.


The Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO(tm) SLR8000 repeater is one of the most efficient communication devices available. It works at maximum transmission power of 100W and can be used with a variety of digital and analogue radios. It also has a durable design that can withstand harsh environments and is resistant to dust and corrosion. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to install and use.

This next generation repeater has a powerful transmitter output and high-sensitivity receiver input. Its efficient modular design takes up only 2U of rack space and has low power consumption, which reduces the cost of ownership. It supports the full range of MOTOTRBO features and system architectures, including IP networking. Its advanced receiver design provides high sensitivity and noise reduction, so that voice quality remains consistent under challenging conditions.

Another advantage of this product is its advance GPS system, which allows operators to track the location of their vehicles and personnel. This feature can save time and money in the long run, and ensures that everyone is where they need to be when it’s necessary.

Regular maintenance of a Motorola Solutions motorola slr8000 MOTOTRBO(tm) system is essential to ensure optimal performance and reliability. A professional installation by experienced technicians can help you maximize the benefits of this device, and can ensure that your communications are clear, concise, and reliable.


The Motorola SLR8000 MOTOTRBO Repeater VHF is a high-power digital two-way radio that offers excellent performance and flexibility. It can be used in a variety of industries and environments. It is a compact and reliable system that can be installed in either indoor or outdoor locations. It is easy to use and has a wide range of features. It is also compatible with many dispatch systems.

This repeater is designed to be customized to meet your needs, with options such as an internal amplifier with preselector and antenna relay module. This allows you to get all the features of this device in one unit, resulting in a more efficient solution. It can also be augmented with an internal wireline card to provide tone control, four-wire audio and additional external inputs.

With its 100 W transmitter output power and sensitive receiver input, the SLR 8000 series can cover large areas. Its modular design fits in 2U of rack space and has low power consumption, lowering your total cost of ownership. In addition to its high-performance capabilities, the SLR 8000 series supports all MOTOTRBO system architectures.

Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO is a powerful digital communications platform that connects employees across the organization. It integrates voice and data seamlessly, provides advanced features that are easy to use and delivers increased capacity for business-critical communication using licensed spectrum.