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motorola dp2400e

The Motorola DP2400e Digital Walkie-Talkie

The Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO DP2400e digital two-way radio puts the power of communication in your hands. It features a variety of functions that enhance efficiency and improve safety.

It offers 8% better coverage than standard digital technology, and a host of advanced security features. Its durability and competitive price point make it an excellent choice for oil and gas operations.

Best-in-class audio

The DP2400e digital walkie-talkie provides clear, powerful audio, making it easier than ever to communicate with co-workers and customers. Designed for the everyday worker who requires effective communication, this model offers an easy to use interface with systems support and loud, clear audio at a cost-effective price point. DP2000E radios are compatible with both trunking and legacy analogue technology enabling your organisation to stay connected as it grows.

The Motorola dp2400e digital two way radio has a host of features to keep employees safe and productive in demanding environments, including the ability to send programmable text messages and an emergency alert button. It also has the option of a vibrating belt clip, which can be programmed to alert a lone worker to an incoming call or message.

It is programmed with the MOTOTRBO(tm) PD Series software, which offers the ability to connect your team with advanced data capabilities, making them smarter and more efficient than before. As a result, you can improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction with innovative MOTOTRBO(tm) apps and services that can be easily integrated. This model is analogue interoperable, allowing you to transition to digital at your own pace, and it is fully compatible with existing MOTOTRBO(tm) handhelds and accessories. This is the ideal handheld for operational contractors, shop floor personnel and managers that require clear communications with minimal bells and whistles.

Exceptional battery life

The Motorola DP2400e has exceptional battery life, ensuring users are always on-call. Its powerful battery allows for continuous communication across large areas and its programmable features allow users to customise their radio to meet specific needs, such as enabling an emergency channel or a lone worker alert.

Its durable design and robust security features make the Motorola DP2400e an ideal choice for oil and gas companies. It is able to withstand harsh working conditions and motorola dp2400e has a suite of advanced features that can help to improve safety, enhance operations, and save costs.

Motorola solutions offers a variety of energy systems for the dp2400e, including batteries and chargers, that are designed to help maximise uptime. Using the correct battery and charger helps to ensure that your Motorola two-way radio is ready for action, day in and day out.

Batteries are only as good as the connections that they make and using Motorola Original Batteries will help to ensure that your radio is powered up when you need it. The use of adhesive pads instead of glue on our batteries means that they can be positioned precisely and also offer better shock and vibration absorption, further increasing long-term reliability. Motorola also uses quality cell manufacturing processes to help optimise electrical and mechanical performance in the field. Combined with the right battery and charger, this results in a customised energy system that meets the demanding requirements of your work environment.

IP67 water and dust resistance

The Motorola DP2400e is a digital two way radio built for the everyday worker, designed to provide effective communications at a competitive price. Featuring systems support, loud clear audio and the ability to use both digital and legacy analogue technology this next generation MOTOTRBO radio solution offers cost-effective connectivity across your organisation.

The DP2400e is IP67 rated for dust and water resistance, meeting the rigorous needs of a business that operates in harsh conditions where day-in, day-out durability is needed. The DP2400e also meets the strict requirements of military standards, resisting shock, vibration, impact, humidity and temperature extremes to guarantee a reliable, durable and long-lasting device. The DP2400e is available in a TIA4950 certified HazLoc version to meet the rigorous demands of hazardous environments.

In a world of ever-changing work environments, it’s important to understand the value of an IP rating and how it can help you decide on a safe two-way radio for your business. An IP rating is a standardised scale for measuring the degree of protection provided against intrusion and environmental conditions, such as dust and moisture.

The DP2400e is a non-display model with a 16 channel capacity and three programmable buttons. Available on both UHF and VHF frequencies, this radio supports a range of features including text messaging and Lone Worker safety monitoring. With 28 hours of battery life from a single charge and IMPRES over the air power management tools that enable you to maximise your device’s battery lifespan, the DP2400e is an essential tool for any business.

Advanced security

Featuring advanced security features, the dp2400e is designed to keep your organisation safe. Whether you’re using it to communicate with colleagues on site or send sensitive information to a control room, the dp2400e has a range of security options available to protect your communication.

The dp2400e is a digital radio, which means it uses the latest technology to transmit data and voice. This helps to boost user capacity and improve the performance of your two-way radio system. The dp2400e supports both frequency-divided multiple access (FDMA) and time-division multiple-access (TDMA) technology. Both provide an advantage, but FDMA offers greater capacity as well as better clarity of audio.

With a variety of encryption algorithms available, the dp2400e offers robust security for your business. This prevents anyone listening in on your communications, protecting the integrity of your private information. There are motorola dp2400e also options to allow you to use text messaging as an alternative to voice, giving you the ability to share important information quickly and securely.

The dp2400e is an ideal solution for oil and gas operations, providing a wide range of key features to improve safety on site. This includes lone worker remote monitoring, enabling colleagues to check if a member of staff is active on the job and take action if needed. It also has a number of privacy options and is available with a certified HazLoc option for use in hazardous locations.